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Robert has been living in a fantasy world for as long as he can remember but didn't start to document it until his sons were old enough to listen whilst still being young enough not to go down the pub with their mates instead.

When he's not tracking lost souls across the Otherworld, Robert lives in Cornwall with his wife, and those of their sons who have not yet left for university. He enjoys playing guitar and mandolin rather more than you may enjoy listening to it, although if you really can't help yourselves, there is documentary evidence of this to be found in various places on the internet.

Never comfortable with writing about himself in the third person, he nevertheless still finds himself doing so when writing author biographies. It is a habit he intends to dispense with by the next paragraph.

There I told you I'd stop with that nonsense (no disrespect intended to any other authors living or dead etc.) Okay, on with the biography.

My first novel The Solstice Blade evolved from stories I used to make up for my children when they were small to try and address the fact that adult life just isn't as magical as I though it ought to be. These stories rapidly developed into swashbuckling adventures that had us charging around the Cornish countryside in the dead of night pursuing various mythical creatures who had left part completed scrolls on our doorstep (no doubt to the chagrin of all the friends, acquaintances, strangers and assorted shop-keepers who were enlisted to help!)

My next novel, The Soul of Lyskerrys, is also set in the Cornish Otherworld. It is due for publication in Summer 2019.